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NJMCRoadTest Suzuki TU250x


Both vehicles, One (1) Price - Test Site Dependent

This classic old school motorcycle is a 249cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder motorcycle with a 5-speed shift meeting all UNRESTRICTED Endorsement requirements.  And... Don't worry about shifting as, SHIFTING is NOT required on the course.  Only speed is, and you'll go fast enough in 1st.  We bring this vehicle because some people prefer the traditional riding style for testing.  It has a short wheelbase, is Light, Nimble, for the ALT-Most course with easy recovery if required.  See the videos included below.


Both vehicles, One (1) Price - Test Site Dependent

This hot little number is as fun to test on as it is cute.  This vehicle is 244cc it also has more than enough to power you through the course for your UNRESTRICTED Endorsement.  It's short wheelbase fits the ALT-Most course easily.  As with the Suzuki it is also Light, Nimble, easy recovery if required.  We bring this vehicle because some people just feel more comfortable on the automatic.  You can see the videos below on the course.

NJMCRoadTest White Vespa GTS250

We deliver two, (2) outstanding vehicles to your road test site for just one fee. 

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Note: Some testing locations are far more costly and difficult to reach.

These locations require a modified free due to the extra travel time/tolls.


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