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Our Motorcycle Rental Company knows how challenging the endorsement process is, but renting your scooter with us to test with is easy & affordable.

We believe we have a winning formula.  We provide the best tools for you to take and PASS your New Jersey motorcycle endorsement test the 1st. time.


Do you have your validated motorcycle permit AND have been riding for 20 or more days?  Then you're eligible to take your MC endorsement test but...  Are you ready? Do you have a bike that fits the course?  Do you need to rent a bike to test with?


RENT a motorcycle or scooter from Motorcycle Road Test NJ.


New Jersey doesn't do endorsement testing on public roads, they use the ALT-MOST test course as defined on our home page

We send a licensed motorcyclist directly to your testing location. You'll have two bikes delivered to you.  We’ll check your gear and take a closer look at your paperwork.  You'll then decide which bike you’re most comfortable to test with.  After your selection, we go over the basic operation of the bike and give you plenty of time to practice on a simulated course before taking your test. 

The rental scooter can be fully automatic with no shifting required or traditional manual shift.


The automatic we'll bring is a Piaggio or VESPA.  Both scooters are beautifully maintained, they're safe, well maintained scooters that are also cute to boot (above). They have plenty of power to get you through the course without issue. The short wheelbase fits the alt-most course quite easily as you can see from the videos on HOME page, they're light & nimble. Many students prefer to use a rental scooter because it’s easier to test with an automatic.


However, if you prefer to RENT a traditional motorcycle, we’ve got you covered. The 2nd bike we bring is our SUZUKI TU250X.  This is a classic, old-school bike that’s 4-stroke, 294cc, has an air-cooled, single cylinder motor with a manual five-speed shift.  It meets all unrestricted endorsement requirements.


It is important to note...

Shifting is not required on the  Alt-Most course. 


This little monster will go fast enough in first gear throughout the course.  So, if you prefer a traditional motorcycle...  We offer this option to test with.

NJMCRoadTest Suzuki TU250x (2).jpg

Why Choose to Rent a Motorcycle or Rental Scooter from Us: Our Vehicles
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