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In this section we'll hook you up with  "Hints, Tips, Links & Nuggets" you might need to prepare for your safe riding future.

 NJ MVC Links to schedule/reschedule your appointment, PDF's to study, Permit Test Prep and more


To get your "Motorcycle Permit" you'll need to do a few things...

  1. You "MUST" have a valid drivers license to obtain a permit via the Knowledge Exam OR you'll need to take the Basic Rider Course (BRC).

  2. 18+ you're good!  Under 18, you'll need parental/guardian signed consent, .

  3. Have your 6 Points of ID documentation ready.

  4. Study for the Exam!  Say Again, Study for the Exam! 30% fail on their 1st attempt.

  5. HERE is the NJ Drivers Manual PDF "ENGLISH" download - "SPANISH" download

  6. HERE is the NJ Motorcycle Manual PDF "ENGLISH" download - "SPANISH" download

  7. Take your vision test

  8. The Knowledge EXAM is 30 questions.  You need 24 correct to pass. 

  9. SAMPLE NJ Knowledge Test


Passed your Knowledge test?...  Congrats! 

NOTICE:  Your permit is just that, a "PERMIT",  it is NOT a license and it DOES have restrictions.


  1. Operating a motorcycle from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise; carrying passengers; and riding on any state toll road or limited-access highway.

  2. All motorcycle permit riding restrictions must be observed.

  3. Your permit is valid for 2 months and is renewable without retesting, with restrictions of course.

  4. You must take the road test within 2 years or you'll have to start from the beginning.

  5. The mandatory waiting period, after passing your knowledge test AND before you can take your MC skills road test is 20 days, so practice riding. 


But ride safe and at your skill level.  Bikes are machines and machines are unforgiving with zero conscience or concern for your safety.  Ride at your skill level!


Within your 20 day waiting period, if you don't have a motorcycle or scooter to test with you should begin your search for one or consider a rental service   BOOK WITH US -  earlier, the better..  Not all rental companies provide the same service as we do.  Different prices for different locations based on distance & tolls.  The closer you are to my home base (Mays Landing, 1477 19th St, Mays Landing, NJ 08330) the cheaper it is to rent.

We provide rental service for the UNRESTRICTED endorsement only.  ALL of our bikes and scooters are over 250cc's.

  • You need to choose the TEST SITE LOCATION where you'll take your test.

  • You can SCHEDULE/RESCHEDULE your test here.  To Schedule/Reschedule you'll need your Drivers License Number (begins with first initial of Last Name) AND your Permit Validation Number (5 digit number IN Validation Stamp) when making your appointment

  • Choose the county, test site, Date & Time that works for you & schedule.

  •   BOOK WITH US -  earlier, the better.


  • DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR GEAR!  Current Drivers License or valid passport, up to date MVC Validated permit, your DOT approved helmet (we have one but, it may not fit you correctly) No novelty helmet, No Shorts!, Pants ONLY.  Long Sleeve Shirt, Sweater/Sweatshirt or Jacket, No Tank Top or sleeveless shirts, No open toe shoes, definitely NO flip flops, bring gloves & a mask.  Not our rules - MVC rules.  Don't be turned away.  They don't care about outside temperature.

  • Do NOT be late!  We cannot stress this enough.  Your appointment time is your appointment time.  If you are late, you are cutting into your own practice time.

  • At our agreed practice time - A licensed motorcyclist delivers two (2) distinctly different bikes to you.  You'll choose which bike you are most comfortable testing with.

  • He/She will review all documents, your gear, the bike, the test process overall.

  • Now, practice on your rental, get the feel of it, receive testing tips until it's time to actually test.

  • We ride over to your test site and you take your skills test.

  • Afterwards, the DMV examiner will give you your results and next steps.


Driving a car and riding a motorcycle require different skills and knowledge.  Riding is a skill, skills need practice.  Ride safely but ride & learn. 

Ride at your skill level!!  This can never be stressed enough.  Share the road, Motorcycles are everywhere!  And, you are now a motorcyclist.  

Continue learning.  Take advanced riding classes MSF,  Support organizations that promote awareness campaigns & fight for Motorcyclist rights.  Support  Garden State A.B.A.T.E.,  Support  AMA


Reserve with us here

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