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We are the Premier Scooter RENTAL Service in NJ for your MVC Motorcycle skills test.

We pride ourselves on you passing your NJ Motorcycle Road Test the 1st time!


What separates us?  We are the only company to deliver two (2) distinctly different bikes to every rental.

Reserve today as we fill up fast.

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The test itself is technically called the "Alternate Motorcycle Operator Skills Test" commonly referred to as the "ALT-Most".  This is an Off-Road, Slow-Speed test designed to test your control of your machine.  Most people are intimidated by the test, don't be.  You got this.  The key is slow-speed & steady control.  Last thing to know.  Your Harley or crotch rocket is NOT going to fit on the course.  You need a smaller bike, that's how we help.

Rent your test scooter or motorcycle from us.  Read all of our 5 star google reviews HERE

Our RENTAL bikes fit the course & qualify for the unrestricted endorsement.

If you test on anything 231CC or less you get a RESTRICTED endorsement that restricts you to 500cc or less.

If you test on anything 232CC's or greater you get the UNRESTRICTED Motorcycle endorsement.


In the NJ Driver Manual beginning on page 173, you'll find images of the course broken down into the 4 test parts.  What I'm doing here is interpreting so Read the NJ Driver Manual  & My Resources Page

Important note:  We are NOT instructors.  We do not teach you to ride.  We are a NJ Motorcycle RENTAL Company providing a very specific service, we rent you a motorcycle/scooter for you to complete your NJ MVC Motorcycle Road Test.  We believe we are providing you with the best tools for your success.

The ALT-MOST test is:  Divided into 4 simple smaller test parts as you can see in my videos.  The video's are labeled as Test x/4 x=test number.  Word of advice never give up or freak out even if you make a mistake, power through.  This goes for all parts of the test, If the MVC Tester hasn't stopped you, you're still good.

Test -1 is called "Sharp Turn & Controlled Stop"  Part 1/4 in my videos.  It is really a simple Left Turn Test. Things to know here.  Don't go off the course, stop with front tire IN THE BOX in a controlled manner and DO NOT SKID when stopping on this test.


Test - 2 is called "Cone Weave & U-Turn".  Part 2/4 in my videos.  I call this a slow speed balance test because that is what it really is.  The most CRITICAL part of the test is positioning yourself for success from the beginning.

Test - 3  is called "Braking" but really it is an emergency straight stop.  Part 3/4 in my videos.  There's no image in the NJ Driver manual.  Keys here are to accelerate to a minimum of 12-20mph.  When your front tire is on the line USE BOTH BRAKES.  Skidding is ok on this test.  You MAY be asked to repeat this test.  DO NOT WORRY, they ask most people.

Test - 4  "Obstacle Swerve"  Part 4/4 in my videos.  Page 174 in the Manual.  Again, accelerate to a minimum of 12-20mph as in test #3.  Once your tire hits the line swerve.  Swerve in the direction you were told and then smoothly apply BOTH brakes.  Braking distance is not an issue here but staying on the course within the lines is better as you could imagine.

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